Job summary

The  Learning Operations Specialist is responsible for the deployment (i.e. build, management, organization, analysis)  of isapiens & partners solutions to clients in accordance with operational agreements. This role plays a key part in isapiens Service/Product Teams and works collaboratively to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data flow in Digital Learning Systems (DLS).

Your mission

  • Test and deliver DLS configuration and infrastructure.
  • Maintain the DLS  instances by applying best administration practices..
  • Ensure governance of all DLS sections  and recommend appropriate updates or changes to it.
  • Set up customized learning pages.
  • Liaise with the web design team to produce DLS graphic assets based on the technical specifications.
  • Keep training catalog up to date and organized.
  • Make sure that the DLS works properly and that learners have an enhanced user experience in the digital environment.
  • Provide consultative support to learning designers on the structuring of complex learning programs and make appropriate recommendations for client-specific needs.
  • Work closely with project teams to ensure optimal DLS utilization in different learning initiatives.
  • Research, diagnose and identify ways to resolve learner issues related to learning programs or  system configuration.
  • Triage and document DLS bugs / defects  and guide the IT  Support teams by providing relevant information on the project and client context.
  • Create and maintain relevant project documentation.
  • Analyze learning data and provide basic reporting from extrapolated data, work on optimizing automated reporting.

Skills & competences

  • You have good analytical and methodical skills.   
  • You have some basic understanding of  platform-oriented infrastructures and technology-based learning platforms.
  • You have good/advanced skills in MS Excel and PowerPoint.
  • You have a basic comprehension of html/css coding, webdesign, UX design.
  • You have a good predisposition to teamwork, problem solving, autonomy,  flexibility, and eye to details.
  •  You have good time management skills.

Desired profile

  • You demonstrate learning agility and you are creative-oriented.    
  • You are at ease with technology. 
  • Fluent in Italian/English with excellent communication skills (written & verbal).
  • Bachelor’s degree in Tech or Human Sciences.     
  • You are client- and service-oriented.
  • Passion for adult education and digital innovation.

What we propose

  • Paid 6-month internship.
  • A young, international and highly motivated environment.
  • Opportunity to work on high-impact projects and support the digital transformation of big Italian companies.
  • Access to and immersion into a wide digital training library.
  • Career orientation in the digital learning industry.
  • Opportunity to attend industry events and shows.